Phobie Awards: The 13 Worst People of the Year

Friday the 13th is upon us, in 2013. Let's review the year's 13 biggest homophobes with The Advocate's annual Phobie Awards.



The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t have antigay doctrine; it just has a public relations problem, says the archbishop of New York, leader of one of the largest Catholic archdioceses in the nation. “I think maybe we’ve been outmarketed sometimes,” he said on Meet the Press recently. “We’ve been caricatured as being antigay.” Oh, never mind that Dolan was a prominent opponent of New York State’s marriage equality law, and that he thinks “redefinition” of marriage is akin to totalitarianism and will lead us on the slippery slope to polygamy. It’s Hollywood, politicians, and LGBT activists who’ve made the church seem antigay, he said. Dolan has also downplayed Pope Francis’s conciliatory remarks regarding LGBT people and emphasized that the church still considers “homosexual acts” to be sinful. Gays are “entitled to friendship,” he said on the Easter Sunday edition of ABC’s This Week, but “sexual love” is “only for a man and woman in marriage.” — Trudy Ring