PHOTOS: The Entire World Shows Its Pride With IDAHOT

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry issued statements, the president of Costa Rica raised a pride flag, but most importantly millions of people worldwide stood in solidarity.



Thousands stand in front of the 'Bourse' square in central Brussels an event on Saturday.


Albanian LGBT activists march while holding the rainbow flag in the main boulevard of Tirana to commemorate the IDAHOT. Only in recent years has the LGBT community in Albania emerged from marginalized and underground activities to hold public events and parades, although not entirely without causing controversy and prejudice in this small Balkan nation which until the collapse of the communist regime in 1990 penalized homosexuality.


Activists participate in a demonstration at the North Beach in Durban on Saturday. The ninth annual event, billed by organizers as the biggest LGBT solidarity event in the world, is aimed at raising awareness about discrimation facing the community and at calling for equal rights.