Fall 2005 film previews




Breakfast on Pluto (Sony Pictures Classics):
“It Boy” Cillian Murphy jumps from Batman
and Red-Eye into an evening gown to
tell the story of an orphan who travels from Ireland to
London to become a fabulous transvestite cabaret star.
Directed by Neil Jordan from the Patrick McCabe novel.
(Nov. 18)

The Family Stone (20th Century Fox): Dermot
Mulroney brings home girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker, and
everyone in the family hates her. Tyrone Giordano as
Mulroney’s gay and deaf brother is naturally
the exception, since gay people have great taste. (Nov. 4)

Gay Sex in the ’70s (Lovett Productions):
This documentary by director Joseph Lovett is an ode to the
sexual Prague Spring that lasted from the Stonewall
riots in 1969 until the first case of AIDS in 1981.
Filled with footage that details the explosion of
empowerment and queer sexuality, Gay Sex in the ’70s
is a captivating time capsule of an era that may never
return. (Nov. 4 NYC, S.F.)

Rent (Sony): Almost 10 years after it debuted
on Broadway, this Tony- and Pulitzer-winning musical hits
the big screen. Most of the original cast is here,
including Anthony Rapp, Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel,
Jesse L. Martin, and Taye Diggs, along with the new-to-Rent
Rosario Dawson and Wonderfalls’ Tracie Thoms.
(Nov. 11)

Summer Storm (Here): Previewed in the print
edition. (Nov. 4)


Brokeback Mountain (Focus): First, people were
worried director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden
) might downplay the romance between cowboys
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. Then stories leaked
out that the love scenes were so physical that it might be
“too” gay. In any event, queer audiences
can’t wait to see this adaptation of the
memorable short story by Pulitzer Prize–winner E.
Annie Proulx. (Dec. 9 NYC, L.A., S.F.)

Loggerheads (Strand): A handsome drifter (Kip Pardue)
comes to town to protect the loggerhead turtle but
ends up protecting the local hotel manager even more.
Meanwhile Bonnie Hunt arrives to track down the boy
she gave up for adoption, and Tess Harper has to decide
whether to stand by her preacher husband or her son.
(Late 2005)

Memoirs of a Geisha (Sony): Gay director Rob Marshall
follows his smash Chicago update with this
lavish adaptation of the best-selling novel about a
geisha who flourished in the early 1900s. Ziyi Zhang,
Li Gong, Michelle Yeoh, and Ken Watanabe head the stellar
cast. (Dec. 9)

The Producers (Universal): Nathan Lane brings his
Tony-winning Max Bialystock to the big screen, with
Matthew Broderick, writer Mel Brooks, and director
Susan Stroman along for the ride. (Dec. 21)

Stryker (Strand): Queer Canadian director Noam Gonick
(Hey, Happy!) stirs up controversy like his
idols Bruce La Bruce and Guy Maddin with this look at
gang warfare on the streets of Winnipeg. Things get
messy when the onetime–male stripper head of the
Asian Bomb Squad falls for the girlfriend of the
lesbian leader of their sworn enemy, the Indian Posse.
(Dec. 2 NYC)

A Year Without Love (Strand): This Teddy Award winner
charts the journey of a man living with AIDS and
scared of dying. He cruises the nightlife of Buenos
Aires and falls into the world of S&M and leather.
(Late 2005)


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