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Some gays and lesbians greeted the news of Jerry Falwell's death with guffaws and cheers.



News of the May
15 death of the Reverend Jerry Falwell was warmly
welcomed by hundreds of LGBT bloggers. I find this to be a
horrible representation of the LGBT community.

In my opinion,
this sort of display deserves criticism not only from
mourning right-wing conservatives but from our own LGBT
peers. It is in times like these that our wit and will
is tested and we must stand with
dignity -- despite the actions of a man who
has opposed us throughout his life’s ministry.
Although I do not support the politics of the Reverend
Jerry Falwell, I do not support the celebration of his death
or the promotion of a sense of “gain” for our

I am reminded of
a quote from the film Lord of the Rings, when
Gandalf says that “Many that live deserve death and
some that die deserve life…do not be too eager
to deal out death and judgment.” As minorities,
we ask to be respected as human beings. We expect
people to treat us with dignity and to look beyond our
sexual orientation or gender identity. Why then do so
many people focus on the politics of Mr. Falwell and
find in them reason to celebrate his death? We condemn
hate speech and inhumane conduct, and in the same way we
should also condemn any attempt from LGBT activists to
publicly celebrate the death of a fellow human being.

If anything, take
after Mr. Andrew Sullivan, who wrote of the
Reverend Falwell, “Since I can think of nothing
good to say about him, I'll say nothing. And pray for
the repose of his soul.”

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