In 2005, Eric McKinley filed a lawsuit seeking to force eHarmony to help gays and lesbians to find suitable partners. In November 2008 the company agreed to launch a same-sex dating site by March 31, 2009, the result of a settlement reached with the New Jersey attorney general’s office.

So here it is; 200,000 members later, Compatible Partners is celebrating its first birthday. Nancy Suh, director of product, says it really didn’t take a ton of changes to make the compatibility test applicable to gays and lesbians, but a few adjustments had to be made.

“For example, on eHarmony, we have a question that talks about your potential partner’s attitudes toward opposite-sex friendships,” she says. “We figured that wasn’t relevant to gay and lesbian singles using Compatible Partners.”

Suh and Paul Breton, director of corporate communications, say they are also in regular communication with users to ensure that questions are appropriate and make sense.

While there have not been any shiny, happy gay couples on television
commercials for Compatible Partners yet, Suh and Breton said their
rapidly growing brand will focus on an advertising push and events at
your local pride celebration.

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