Ticked-Off Actor




For example: “Ooh, Shondra needs a nurse after how that trade disrespected her face down!”

1. “Shondra” is someone busted/ugly.
2. “Nurse” refers to the assistance the “Shondra” needs.
3. “Trade” is a trick, or the type of man who definitely isn’t relationship-material.
4. “Disrespected” means something that shouldn’t happen in front of others — like after chili, you might disrespect a toilet.
5. “Down” is short for “house down boots” and can be a verb, noun, or expletive, depending on sobriety level.

This fun was forgotten when all the Tran Coulters Facebooked our fan page with hateful messages like “Just because a man gets breast implants does not make them a transsexual.” How could anyone be offended by a movie enough to say crap like that? Incorrectly stating that the movie started by mentioning a real-life hate crime confirmed suspicions that Tran Coulter most likely didn’t see the movie, only a preview available online. I’m someone who’s been known to give road head, but my taste level isn’t so low that I’d participate in the lampooning of someone who actually died.

One of your ilk is quoted in The New York Times making it clear that she is “not an entertainer who gets paid $100 to dress up and get on stage” and that you don’t “go home and take it off” — as if those who do should get their trans card revoked. I can’t imagine the Tran Coulters getting away with saying that to the faces of trans women like Calpernia Addams or Candis Cayne. These successful nightlife mavens would serve up a big old plate of hate were anyone to tell them how to make a living. They took their first steps as drag queens, and the actresses in the film still make their living onstage alongside drag queens. Does that make them lesser than those complaining?

I liked it when one Tran Coulter proved her math skills were poor, stating that director Israel Luna “paid two trans women to be in the movie ... giving them money to exploit them” and that the movie was “mainly drag queens.” By now we know three of the five leads are transgender. Plus, no one was exploited enough to merit a protest. Oh, wait — I got a reason to protest. We filmed in Dallas ... in July ... with weaves. Maybe protest the fishnet-patterned sunburn I got on my damn thighs?


You persistent Tran Coulters were the reason GLAAD, who advised and supported the filmmakers for almost two months, issued a call-to-action to get Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives banned from the Tribeca Film Festival. GLAAD conveniently used this opportunity to voice concern with the word tranny.

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