“Ex-Gay” Movement = Genocide?



EX GAY GENOCIDE X390 (CHANGE.ORG) | ADVOCATE.COMOver a dozen psychological, educational and medical organizations have
denounced reparative therapy on the basis that, not only is it
ineffective, but it can cause harm to the participants. Paul
Cameron, who was expelled from the American Psychological Association for resisting an ethics
investigation into his work (though the ex-gay movement still quotes his
discredited research as gospel) has said, “States should prohibit
homosexuals, prostitutes, and drug addicts from adopting children, being
foster-care parents, and having custody of children.”

To further
connect the dots, Spivey and Robinson have used the work of James
Waller, who “synthesized a large body of social and psychological
scholarship, organized as a general model, to explain how ordinary
people commit extraordinary acts of brutality.” Some of the processes
are “Us Verses Them Thinking,” “Moral Disengagement,” and “Blaming the
Victim.” For example, “Ex-gay leaders socially distance themselves from
their victims ... they do this by defining homosexuality as behaviors,
attractions, identities, or more insidiously, as a sinful ‘lifestyle,’ a
mental illness, or a menacing social ‘agenda,’ thus denying the
personhood, indeed the existence — and the victimization of gay and
lesbian people.” As Joseph Nicolosi, one of the most outspoken
reparative therapists (he coined the label), has said about a gay teen
who had the courage to come out of the closet, “He is designed for a
woman. ... He is heterosexual but he may have a homosexual problem.”

probably can guess that this is the tip of the iceberg. There are
dozens of quotes that Spivey and Robinson use, point for point, that illustrate how the
ex-gay movement is speaking the rhetoric of genocidal intentions. This
sobering, thorough, and outstanding research is going to shine a very
conspicuous magnifying glass on the ex-gay movement like never before.
As a sexologist and an ex-gay survivor myself, I humbly thank these two professors at James Madison University for their fine work. Please tell
me a book is forthcoming.

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