Michael Lucas on Madrid’s Bad Pride 



On July 3, Madrid will hold its annual gay pride celebration. Undoubtedly, hundreds of thousands of gay men and some women will descend on Madrid from all over the world for a long weekend of parties, drugs, dance, and sex. At some point, there will also be a march.

A contingent from Israel’s LGBT organization and the Foreign Ministry was to have its own float in the parade. There was going to be a big party, headlined by Israeli DJs, and a concert by Dana International, Israel’s famous transgender singer who broke gender barriers when she won the 1998 Eurovision song contest and is probably the most famous transsexual in the world. None of this will happen.

After Israel stopped the Turkish “peace flotilla,” which tried to run the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Israeli participant were summarily disinvited. Antonio Poveda of the Spanish Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals, and Bisexuals said, “After what happened with the flotilla, it seemed barbaric to us as human rights campaigners to have Israelis take part in the parade. We don’t just defend our own little patch.” This, of course, is not true. Gay people always only fight for their own “little patch,” with one exception: protecting the terrorists in their fight against Israel.

It would have been useful for Mr. Poveda to go on Google and check on the many videos of beheadings, including those of gay people, which are proudly posted by those he defends. Because Muslim “fighters” like to record their cruelties for all the world to see.

He should also compare two records on the “little patch” of human rights for LGBT people — that of Israel and that of any other Middle Eastern country.

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