For some reason I thought there was a general consensus that the
propagation of hate and violence was not allowed. Sure, after a fire
storm of responses, Ryan issued an apology to the gay community, but
what is worthy of noting is the fact that he never apologized to the
person to which his remarks were directed; instead, he continued to
insult him. Having also been at the end of Ryan’s elementary antics,
this is familiar territory for me. And briefly, it actually brought back
the same feelings of insecurity and loneliness that plagued me
throughout my school years in Michigan.

The days of a passive LGBT
community are far behind us. What frightens Ryan the most is a gay man
who is open and proud of his sexuality. People often hate what they
don’t understand. Ryan’s inability to take responsibility for his
actions shows a lack of maturity. I think his past statements and
actions illustrate his general mentality. He is not only allowed to be a
hate-mongering sociopath, but he’s a prime example of how not to think.
In a progressive society, hatred on any level should not be tolerated. I
find it ironic that Ryan has a tattoo of forgiveness across his chest. I hope
one day Ryan can accept his destructive behavior for what it truly is
and move past his uninformed views, but until then his behavior will
continue to haunt him and those around him.

So, in ending, I just
want to re-state something I’d said after our first tiff: I think the
bleach has went to his head.

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