The Revolution Will Be Tweeted



I like to think of Facebook as a public commercial building in which
people can rent space, free or on the cheap, in a surprisingly
democratic manner. The gay bar can exist next to the Justin Bieber fan
club, right down from the fundamentalist church storefront. Each is as
easily accessible and welcoming as the next. Call it instant legitimacy.
But if you’re not plugged in, you’re not plugged in. And this is a
particularly poor time to be a Luddite.

There is definitely an
age and generation gap when it comes to social media. Not surprisingly,
young people are more inclined to be online interacting than their older
family members and acquaintances. But look at my mom. Look at gray
haired politicians who’ve embraced Twitter and found a means of talking
directly with their constituents. There is nothing but fear and habit
standing in the way of other older people picking up a device and
tapping out a few sentences of how they feel or what they think.

an activist, the sense of liberation I get from speaking my truth is
something I wish all could and would experience. A street corner is one
place I can share my feelings (and have on occasion), but it’s
exponentially more effective online. Sitting thinking about it now, I
wish Marshall McLuhan were alive today to see how diverse and accessible
his global village has grown, and to offer words of encouragement for
late adopters to tune in and join the rest of us! 

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