Op-ed: Why Don’t Male Children Matter?



JERRY SANDUSKY VINTAGE X560 (AP) | ADVOCATE.COMVictim testimony stated
that Sandusky would woo these children, giving them gifts and taking
them to sporting events. Sandusky would initiate touching in car rides
to the games. Some of the boys’ mothers testified that they were glad
their sons had a strong male mentor in their lives. But one of the
victims testified that he asked his mother not to accept Sandusky’s
calls any more.

Sandusky invited boys to his home, where they
stayed overnight in a basement bedroom. He had a nighttime ritual of
lying under the boys and fondling them. According to the grand jury,
this progressed to rubbing his genitals on the child’s face, then
ejaculating on their faces while inserting his fingers into the child’s
anus. The report says other boys were taken to the Penn State campus
for athletic training that ended in anal rape in the showers. In
another instance, according to the grand jury, Sandusky, volunteering
at a Pennsylvania high school, was caught by a wrestling coach lying
face to face with a young boy. Sandusky claimed he was just showing the
boy wrestling moves, but the coach reported the incident.

accused offenders in the Penn State case have either been fired,
arrested or both. There will be no new child victims of Sandusky. Yet
those involved in the cover-up still seem unable to comprehend the fact
that they were complicit in the rape of children.

Thousands of
Penn State students converged on the Old Main building near midnight
Wednesday, after the announcement of Paterno’s firing, outraged and
angry. By 1 a.m. riot police were needed to intervene. A news van was
overturned and trashed, light poles were pulled down, bottles and cans
were thrown at police who had to employ riot gear and tear gas. Another
protest is planned for the game against Nebraska this Saturday.

don’t these students understand the firing? Why doesn’t Paterno? Why
has he been portrayed as the victim in this story, when at least a
dozen children were allegedly raped by Sandusky?

Boys who have
been raped deserve protection, compassion, and justice, just like
girls. But for now, the focus remains on Paterno and his 61-year
career, ended unfairly, he and his supporters say. And those nameless
victims of Sandusky’s alleged violence and Paterno’s silence? They are
more invisible than ever.

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