What will you do to reverse the city referendum that denies benefits to same-sex partners of city workers?
That was part of a very hard conversation I had with LGBT supporters at the beginning of this campaign. Because domestic-partner benefits are blocked by a referendum, and because it’s in our city charter, this requires another referendum to undo it. It’s not something I can change; it requires a public vote. My personal opinion is, of course I’d like to see that change.

But as mayor-elect, you wield considerable influence. Will you use that influence to effect change on this matter?
As I’ve told the current leadership in the LGBT community, my focus will be on what’s in the best interest of the city. If you bring me this issue as mayor, I will consider it. I think I lot of Houstonians didn’t see this race as a big deal — there were just two mayoral candidates. But then they awoke to the fact that it is a big deal in the media, with national and international attention. And I’m hoping that Houstonians processing that will help me to move the needle in the right direction.

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