The Other Gay Contenders



- Democrat
- Running for Lansing, Mich., city council

Rory Neuner is the kind of talent bleeding from Lansing, and most of central Michigan. While many high school and college graduates up-and-leave Michigan for greener pastures — according to a recent study — Neuner is staying put, and as a candidate for Lansing City Council, she hopes to make Michigan's capital a more livable place for all people.

"I am running to break the stalemate on a number of challenges facing our city," Neuner tells The Advocate. "Lansing needs positive, professional leadership. I have a deep background in public policy and urban planning and work by day as an advocate on transportation policy issues here in the state capitol. Voters here want change, and I am the only challenger in this race with experience crafting public policy."

Neuner, who lives with her partner of six years in Lansing’s Moores Park neighborhood, is active in numerous organizations, including the Ingham County Women’s Commission, the REO Town Commercial Association, the South Lansing Community Development Association, the Moores Park Neighborhood Organization, the Lansing Area Economic Partnership, and she's a public service board member for the city of Lansing. Issues pertaining to biking and public transit are important to Neuner, and she's lobbied to pass legislation that wpuld benefit pedestrians and cyclists.

The ambitious young woman says her community is ready to embrace an honest civil servant, regardless of whether that person is gay or straight.

"Lansing is a diverse, welcoming community," Neuner says. "Voters are accepting me for who I am — an active, engaged member of the community, and a highly-qualified candidate that wants to make this city great." —Neal Broverman 

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