Your GOP Primary Guide

Your GOP Primary Guide



NEWT GINGRICH 20111210 X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COM U.S. representative from Texas Ron Paul
Public Policy Polling as of January 8: 18%

On Marriage Equality:
 In October, Paul said, "The government has no business in your private life, you know, so if one person is allowed to do something, so should everyone else." "The whole gay marriage issue is a private affair and the federal government has no say." However, while there was a lapse in his congressional service when the House took up the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, Paul said earlier this year that DOMA was an appropriate way to establish states' rights when governing marriage. He has refused to sign pledges from the Iowa Family Leader and the National Organization for Marriage.

On Gays' Adoption and Custody Rights:
In 1999, Paul voted against federal funding to boost child adoption services for same-sex couples in Washington, D.C.

On HIV/AIDS Funding or Advocacy:
Paul famously released newsletters for two decades to his constituents, some of which contained homophobic diatribes that blamed gay men for AIDS. Someone on his staff wrote, “Those who don’t commit sodomy, who don’t get blood a transfusion, and who don’t swap needles, are virtually assured of not getting AIDS unless they are deliberately infected by a malicious gay.” Paul has since denounced the newsletters, said they were a product of managerial negligence, and denied writing or editing their controversial portions. 

Issues With Homophobia
 Former aide Eric Dondero said Paul does not discriminate against gay people but has a personal problem with homophobia. Paul once refused to use the bathroom at the home of a gay supporter from San Francisco, Dondero said, even though he spent several days campaigning with Paul.

On "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal:
Paul wrote in an op-ed. "Gay marriage sends a very loud and clear message to LGBT youth that they are equal.” After the 2009 Maine election, which invalidated the state's marriage equality law, Karger launched an investigation into the National Organization for Marriage over allegations of money laundering and voter fraud.

On Gay Rights in General
 Karger said at the 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference, “I will work hard to end 'don’t ask, don’t tell,' pass the federal employment antidiscrimination law, eliminate the federal Defense of Marriage Act, make gay marriage the law of the land. and make finding a cure for HIV/AIDS and a vaccine to prevent HIV a new national priority.”

On Gays' Adoption and Custody Rights:
Karger fully supports gay parents' right to adopt.

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