Romney's Potential Veeps: How Antigay Are They?

Rating the pro-gay (but mostly antigay) records of Mitt Romney's VP short list.



Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota

- In 1993 the newly elected member of the Minnesota House of Representatives supported a bill protecting LGBT people from discrimination in employment, education, and housing. However, when running for governor, Pawlenty expressed regret for the vote and favored its repeal: “I said I regretted the vote later because it included things like cross-dressing, and a variety of behaviors that weren't based on sexual orientation, just a preference for the way they dressed or behaved. So it was overly broad. If you are a third-grade teacher and you are a man and you show up on Monday as Mr. Johnson and you show up on Tuesday as Mrs. Johnson, that is a little confusing to kids."|
- During his time in the Minnesota legislature, Pawlenty coauthored a state Defense of Marriage Act defining marriage as solely a union between a man and a woman: “I support a state and federal amendment to the constitutions defining amendments as such.”

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