LGBT Candidates in Close, Controversial, and Trailblazing Local and State Races

Nine LGBT candidates in six races promise to make Election Day a nail-biter on the local level.



Josh Boschee — North Dakota House of Representatives, District 44
Josh Boschee could become one of the youngest state legislators elected to office as well as the first openly gay person to hold a seat in his state's House of Representatives. However, Boschee is being attacked in Internet ads declaring that he is promoting a "gay agenda." Boschee said that his campaign is not solely about him being a gay man, and his opponents have also condemned the ads. Fargo TV station WDAY reports that the ads originated with a right-wing group called Public Advocate, headed by a Virginia elected official, Eugene Delgaudio. Delgaudio is being investigated by the FBI over allegations that he used public employees to raise funds for his political campaigns.

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