Election Results: LGBT Races to Watch

It was truly a landslide for equality all across the country, including wins at the ballot box for marriage equality, the first gay U.S. senator, and a new generation of representatives in Congress.


  UPDATED: November 12 2012 4:13 PM ET

Marriage Equality (Amendment 1) in Minnesota
RESULTS: Amendment 1 Defeated

Minnesotans rejected the constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex couples from marrying, it was confirmed early Wednesday morning.

Upon learning that Amendment 1 was voted down, Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin said the results were a "prime example that we are experiencing a sea change in how Americans view their LGBT neighbors. With 30 states having voted to write discrimination into their constitutions, Minnesotans stood up and said, ‘not us,’ and more are sure to follow their lead. No amount of lies and deception funded by deep-pocketed donors could convince Minnesotans that loving and committed couples should be excluded from marriage."

Buzzfeed reports a statement from Thalia Zepatos of Freedom to Marry and Minnesotans United for all Families adviser: "Today Minnesotans affirmed that marriage matters for their gay and lesbian neighbors and friends, as for all of us, and refused to slam the door on marriage in the state constitution. Now loving and committed couples in Minnesota will be able to work to achieve their dream of crossing the threshold, respected equally under the law.”

Minnesota was the only state deciding whether to ban marriage equality via its state constitution. It's been banned by law for years, but this vote made Minnesota the first state where voters rejected a constitutional ban, except for Arizona, which defeated one in 2006 (it would have banned domestic partnerships and civil unions too) only to accept one in 2008.  (Read More About The Race)

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