Stories of Love ... and Loss

After Prop. 8, protests, and even babies, a handful of the married couples we featured on our October cover update us on their lives while their marriages hang in the balance.   



Last fall we interviewed 14 married couples and
photographed 24 total couples for our last story on marriage
equality in California before Proposition 8 was
approved by voters in the November election. The
ballot initiative rescinded equal marriage rights, but
these couples have persevered. Here is a look at where their
lives have taken them since Prop.
8's passage. 

Jay Mendes and Vantha Sao

If you took part in any of the Proposition 8
rallies that followed, what stands out to you as the
most memorable experience?
History will record the passage of Proposition 8
as the catalyst of a new wave of gay activism. Our
momentary anger and disappointment that more [people]
did not join the fight with us in the months prior to the
election quickly gave way to an embrace of all who were now
awakened, emboldened. It was heartening, after the
election, walking down Santa Monica Boulevard [in los
Angeles] with hundreds of gays and straights of every
age and background, packing San Vicente Boulevard with a few
thousand bodies for rallies and marches that happily
received significant media coverage. We were also
moved at the Mormon temple in Westwood the first day
of protests, when we looked back as we circled the grounds
and saw a sea of energized young people, who literally
had our backs.

What do you think the logical next step is in
legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the state?
Our fingers are crossed that the court will
invalidate Proposition 8. Failing that, a group that
has been working to protect same-sex marriage in
California since last May,, will seek to
place a measure on an upcoming ballot to repeal Proposition

Would you ever consider moving to another state if
they were to legalize same-sex marriage?
Our home is West Hollywood. Period.