a mother, MaryBeth cringes regarding the lack of culture and tolerance she
grew up with in Maine. She said she hopes  her two children can
grow up in a different kind of Maine — one that accepts having two
aunts in the family is just as normal as an aunt and uncle.

have a model relationship. They love each other and they respect each
other so much,” she said. “They’ve been together longer than [my
husband] and I. That’s the hypocrisy of it all.”

The vital weeks before the election have lit a fire under the No on 1 effort. The state’s two largest daily newspapers recently endorsed the No on 1
campaign, boosting more talk of history being made in the small New
England state. The state attorney general, Janet Mills, also released a
report asserting that education would not be affected by the
new same-sex marriage law — the main argument of antiequality
television and radio ads.

Hopkins said it’s time for children and adults alike to learn to value all families.

like ours have been in the schools — we’re there. We are still going to
exist no matter what,” Hopkins said. “There are all kinds of families
and we’re just another kind.”

Hopkins said she feels very
accepted in her community, especially during the campaign. Oftentimes
in a room of 25 volunteers, only a few of them are gay or lesbian, she

“Our straight allies are stepping up to help us, and I
couldn’t be more grateful,” Hopkins said. “We just want this so much.
It will mean that the people of this state value our family as much as
any other family.”

Connolly is not able to think past November 3.

are so focused on this election and unable to think of anything else
but getting people to vote,” Connolly said. “We know this is going to
be a razor-thin election, and we are doing everything we can. ... It’s win,
lose, or draw.”