Jamie Frevele is an unmarried heterosexual woman who “probably won't be using my right to get married.” So she’s decided to sell it to the highest bidder.

After seeing the frustration of several close gay friends in the wake of last week’s New York state senate ruling against marriage equality, Frevele joked that she should just sell her right to get married to someone who really wants a trip down the aisle.

Earlier this week she did just that. In conjunction with a blog entry on The Huffington Post, the New York-based sketch comic posted the eBay listing: “Jamie Frevele’s Right to Marry.”

“I would like to sell it to the highest bidder and donate the proceeds to an organization that supports LGBT rights since the government designed to protect all of us is picking and choosing based on what they think is icky, weird, or unknown to them,” she writes in the listing.

If the listing isn’t yanked — a strong possibility given the fate of similar ones in the past — Frevele says she plans to donate the proceeds of her right to marry to the Point Foundation, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to gay teens who aren’t getting financial support for college from their families. And if she has her way, her right to marry with go to none other than Stephen Colbert — in part because it will help get the message out and in part (just a hunch) because Frevele has a little crush on him. Prop. 8 in California, Question 1 in Maine, and the senate vote in New York have prompted rallies, photographic essays, even viral videos on YouTube. But you chose to voice your opposition on eBay. Why that site?
Jamie Frevele: I’ve done things on YouTube, I’ve done videos ... this way, first, felt like it would get people’s attention, and second, be away to attract a different audience. I’ve been joking around that I’ve been upset with what’s going on and that I was going to sell my right to marry on eBay. This time I just did it.

It’s interesting — one of the points you seem to be trying to make with this is that people are so involved in other people’s lives and might somehow be offended that you would so frivolously throw this away on eBay. Are you hearing any of that? What kind of response are you getting?

I’m getting nothing but positive response. I’m sure there are people who would read this online and mock it, the same way I would mock them. But so far the response has been 100% positive.

I think this raises points that some people don’t think about. I think some people really believe gay marriage means Agador Spartacus is going to show up at their house and get married there. It’s none of their business. They don’t care that other straight people are getting married — why should they care about gay people? There’s something in my head that doesn’t compute why some people care so much about limiting the rights of other people.