Love and Activism



MARRIAGE TOUR BODY1 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMWill you discuss the marriage tour when you return to Las Vegas?

definitely will. CBS, KLS a local CBS affiliate actually ran a story on
us. They actually went with us to West Hollywood to cover our story and
did a follow up story with Proposition 8. We definitely help to inspire
people. We spoke at the Gay and Lesbian Center in Las Vegas and we're
out there trying to make a difference.

Do you have any plans
to resurrect the marriage tour in the future?

As each state comes
up we'll do this. As far as what the future holds, I don't know. This
trip has made a difference for me as in it has opened my eyes. I think
there's things to do in the future, I just don't know what to do yet. I
think there's an opening for whatever that is.

What other
kinds of work have you done with the community?

I was a part of
the staff at the Gay and Lesbian Center in Los Angeles and I've always
volunteered my time. I’ve volunteered time at AIDS Walk and for AIDS
rides. We’re pretty involved with supporting our local gay and lesbian
organizations. My company, excellence promo donates time and resources
as a natural progression.

Were you sponsored on this tour?
How are you able to pay for this trip?

We paid for the entire
trip. The expense of the tour was well over $3,000 and was not something
we could really afford. We decided that we couldn't afford not to. We
already missed the opportunity to marry in Maine, and wanted to make
sure to marry in every state before the voters, and the tyranny of the
majority, have an opportunity to reverse the laws.

You said
you felt patriotic when you were traveling through Plymouth, Mass.,
Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Can you explain why you felt such a
strong sense of patriotism?

Often skeptical and cynical about our
post-9/11 views regarding patriotism, we embarked on a remarkable
journey of love, activism and patriotism. During our multi-state
marriage tour, we reconnected with something that we thought we lost,
our appreciation for this country. More specifically, we gained a
profound respect for our forefathers and their extraordinary vision of a
new world of freedom, equality and democracy. George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, the pilgrims aboard the
Mayflower were all radical activists!