Another Mother’s Day in Limbo



KRIS PERRY AND SANDY STEIR X390 (AFER) | ADVOCATE.COMOn more than 14 occasions, the U.S. Supreme Court has declared marriage a
"fundamental right," which by definition every American should be free
to exercise. A federal court upheld those rulings, acknowledging that
our right to marriage is as valid as any other couple's. It was a huge
victory for us and for civil rights in general.

And yet, thanks to the actions of Prop. 8's proponents — whose standing
in the case, and thus their ability to even bring an appeal, has been
called into serious doubt — we're still not able to exercise that right.

That’s why we’re continuing our fight to overturn Proposition 8.  As
long as this law stays on the books, state-sponsored discrimination will
leave our family in this state of limbo.

We’d hoped that we would be married by now, building the rest of our
lives together on the sort of solid base our parents had shown us
growing up. We want to start counting our anniversaries as a happily
married couple, not our anniversaries of years spent in courtrooms,
waiting for a final decision. We want our boys to be able to celebrate
Mother’s Day without being reminded that their mothers’ relationship is
still not the equal of their friends’ mothers’ relationships.

We are a family. But as long as the discrimination written into law by
Prop. 8 stays on the books, our family will be less than other families.

Please don’t make us wait any longer.