Wedding Album: Nirvana and Ruth



 Nirvana and Ruth Galvez
San Diego

Nirvana and Ruth flew in from California, where same-sex marriages are not legally recognized. They came to New York alone because they didn't want to risk missing another window of opportunity. 

When gay marriage was briefly legal in California, they were unable to get married, and by the time they could, it was too late. Proposition 8 had already gone into effect. So they decided to fly out for the first day of weddings in New York, where they could see the sights and enjoy a spontaneous honeymoon.

Wanting to avoid that repeated old question — “Who is the man in your relationship?” — they wore matching outfits. That's one of the things you learn after 10 years together. When they return to San Diego, Nirvana and Ruth expect their supportive family and friends will be ready to party.