8 Top Prospects for Expanding Marriage Equality

Washington and Maryland residents can start applying for marriage licenses on Thursday (though they'll have to wait before it's official), which inspired us to imagine where equality might spread next, not counting the cases already pending Supreme Court review.



Oregon: The success of the marriage equality referendum in neighboring Washington boosts confidence in Oregon, where the first step would be to repeal a constitutional ban passed by voters in 2004. That could happen as soon as 2014, when advocates  may take the issue to the ballot. Rep. Tina Kotek, who is expected to become the first out lesbian to lead a state legislative chamber next month, has expressed an interest in that timing, and Democrats have regained control of the legislature, which is viewed as positive for the prospective campaign. Any effort would be helped by a favorable outcome to the Proposition 8 challenge before the Supreme Court, which could reinstate marriage equality in California and provide a jolt to the Western region.