Who's Next? The Marriage Equality Waiting Room

Which states will be the next to institute marriage equality — and just how will it happen?



The Sure Things

13. California, 14.998

Outside of the Proposition 8 case that has finally made its way to the Supreme Court, California is one state that seems to be completely primed for extending marriage equality to same-sex couples. The Golden State has the largest population of gay couples and the most LGBT representatives, and it already has some state recognition of same-sex relationships through a domestic-partnership registry. Even though the makeup of the country's most populous state includes religious proselytizers, farmers, and impossibly rich conservatives, alongside Hollywood liberals and the progressive Silicon Valley and Bay Area crowd, at least 50% of voters support marriage equality. So LGBT people in more conservative states may hope that the phrase, "As California goes, so goes the nation," is proven true again, at least in this case.