Who's Next? The Marriage Equality Waiting Room

Which states will be the next to institute marriage equality — and just how will it happen?



21. Pennsylvania, -6.33

State representative Daryl Metcalfe proposed a constitutional amendment in early May that would bar same-sex couples from marrying. But according to out state representative Brian Sims's office, the proposal has only 27 cosponsors; the last time it was introduced, there were 40 cosponsors.

"There is perhaps no better indication of how effectively we are moving forward on the advancement of LGBT civil rights in this state than Representative Metcalfe’s bill," Sims said in a statement shortly after Metcalfe's bill was introduced. "He has been trying to codify his personal religious beliefs surrounding LGBT Pennsylvanians since becoming a representative and each session, he receives less and less support. This year, his support has hit an all-time record low and at this rate, in the 2015 session he may be introducing this bill by himself. Ultimately, what matters here is that common sense, decency and compassion are winning the day against cruel attempts to harm Pennsylvania’s families."