Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Watch Three Must-See Marriage Equality Debates

In the wake of two historic rulings from the Supreme Court and the restoration of marriage equality in California, pro-equality attorneys, activists, and anchors took to the airwaves Sunday to defend their victories.



CBS opted to host winning Prop. 8 attorney Ted Olson, a former Republican solicitor general for Ronald Reagan, opposite Tony Perkins, president of the antigay hate group Family Research Council. On Face the Nation Sunday, Olson definitively stated that last week's judicial vicotories "signal equality" for LGBT citizens. Of course, Perkins wasn't having any of it. Perkins claimed that the Supreme Court "carjacked the nation" by ruling that legally married gay and lesbian citizens deserve the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts. 

Watch Olson's statements below. 

And here's Perkins's response, promising "lawlessness" in the wake of federal equality.