Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Real Weddings, Real People

PHOTOS: Real Weddings, Real People

Sarah Deragon first realized same-sex couples weren't well served by wedding photographers when trying to find one for her own big day.

"I found it extremely frustrating that most wedding photographers said that they 'support' marriage equality, but didn’t have any LGBTQ couples on their websites," says Deragon, who founded Weddings to the People in 2011. "I searched far and wide to find the right wedding photographer who wouldn't find it necessary to ask me which one of us was the bride or why we decided to honor certain traditions and discard others. LGBTQ couples are celebrated at Weddings to the People because love is love and we all deserve the right to marry our beloved."

Does Weddings to the People photograph heterosexual couples? Sure. But it specializes in LGBTQ weddings. The team at Weddings to the People (photographer Deragon and her wife and business partner, Natalie Josef) say they take the time to get to know each couple they work with. By the time the ceremony happens, their aim is for you not to feel as if you are being stalked by a stranger with a camera. And by the results of the images included here, you can see they have succeeded.

More information on Weddings to the People here. (And it doesn't just do weddings!)

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Coyote Tony Wedding 404X633 0

San Francisco City Hall wedding with Coyote and Tony

Img 0761X633 0

Dustin and Jordan on Tank Hill

Img 1675X633 0

Nya and Nabrina in Golden Gate Park

Img 2244X633 0

Bridget and her sweetheart in Berkeley

Img 3362X633 0

Jay and Timnah are engaged

Img 5101X633 0

Rachel and Ascheras's "Love Session" in Golden Gate Park

Img 5433X633 0

Sophie and Kearstin's "Love Session" in Golden Gate Park

Img 7652X633 0

Jay and Timnah, just married

Img 9163X633 0

Kristin and Tavia's engagement session

Img 9833X633 0

Remy and Lina's engagement session in San Francisco

Sk Engagement 60X633 0

Shvonne and Karyne's engagement session in San Francisco

Sk Wedding 275X633 0

Shvonne is all ready to go.

Sk Wedding 419X633 0

Shvonne and Karyne's Las Vegas wedding

Sk Wedding 621X633 0

Shvonne and Karyne exchange rings in Las Vegas.

Sk Wedding 1098X633 0

Shvonne and Karyne: Wedding reception kisses

Smith Family Session 115X633 0

A kiss for Jordan from Dustin at Baker Beach in San Francisco

Skoor Just Married 23X633 0

Michelle and Bekah, just married