Aug Sept 2016
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Post-Prop. 8: L.A.'s Spike in Wedding Applications

The number of weddings has spiked in Los Angeles County now that gay and lesbian couples can marry again after the lawsuit for Proposition 8 was dismissed by the Supreme Court last week.

The spike occurred Monday, especially among couples who had planned to wed in 2008 but could not because of Proposition 8, according to the Los Angeles Times. The county received 606 online applications for marriage licenses over the weekend. The previous weekend, the county received 123 applications.


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West Hollywood city leaders are temporarily deputized Monday in order to perform free same-sex marriage ceremonies. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted California's ban on same-sex marriages just three days after the Supreme Court ruled that supporters of the ban, Proposition 8, could not defend it before the high court. California governor Jerry Brown ordered all counties in the state to begin issuing licenses immediately.

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Jessica Maxwell (left) and Shana Krochmal (contributing editor at sister publication Out magazine) wait in line to enter Beverly Hills Courthouse to pick up their marriage license.

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Ian Holloway, 34, holding his Chihuahua-dachshund mix and Felipe Osorno, 32, holding his terrier mix, kiss after they were married Monday in West Hollywood.

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Nikki Dennis Whitcomb (right) and Kelli Dennis Whitcomb show their wedding photo from a year ago after they pick up their marriage license from Beverly Hills Courthouse.

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A couple for 43 years Paul Mejia, 78, and David Barney, 70, react after they were married Monday in West Hollywood.

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Partnered for 32 years Wanda Lawson, 63, (left) and Lauryne Braithwaite, 65, react after they were married Monday in West Hollywood.

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Andrea Taylor (left), 41, reaches for her partner, Sallee Taylor (center), 41, for a hug after the couple were married in West Hollywood. Grace Meier, 15, looks on.

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Willie Phearson (left), 35, and Gregory Locklear, 36, pose at a wedding celebration at the Abbey after their ceremony in West Hollywood.

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Jacques Hurtado (left) and Ismael Ramirez-Hurtado kiss after they were married in West Hollywood.

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West Hollywood mayor Abbe Land (left) applauds after marrying couple Harold Turacy (center) and Mark Turacy (right) Monday in West Hollywood.

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Faith Kassan (left), 46, and Jennifer Ehrman, 43, hug as they wait to be married in West Hollywood.