Viral Same-Sex Marriage Proposal Inspires Apology From Former Bully

A former bully-turned-LGBT-supporter reached out via Facebook to congratulate a West Hollywood gay couple after their proposal video went viral.



West Hollywood couple Lucas and David moved thousands of people last week when they shared a heartwarming video of their marriage proposal online — including a former high school bully, reports The Gaily Grind.

After seeing the video, the former bully, identified as B, sent Lucas a Facebook message congratulating him on his engagement and apologizing for the way he mistreated Lucas in the past.

Lucas responded letting B know “all is forgiven, and it’s clear… you’re a pretty kickass guy now.”

With B’s permission, Lucas shared their exchange on his Facebook wall, underscoring the inspiring message of his engagement video and providing a wonderful example of people's evolving attitudes on equality.

Read the full exchange between Lucas and B below.