Straight People Cheating? It's Our Fault

Straight People Cheating? It's Our Fault

In seeking equal marriage rights, we're undermining monogamy, claims a conservative columnist.

Labor Group Chooses LGBT Inclusion Over Catholic Grant Money
July 17 2014 5:57 PM ET

Labor Group Chooses LGBTs Over Catholic Grant

A Catholic charity demanded that Voz Workers' Rights Education Project reject its association with a group that supports marriage equality or lose its funding. Voz chose the latter.

European Court: Country Can Require Trans People to Get Divorced

Court: Country Can Require Trans People to Divorce

The European Court of Human Rights ruled Wednesday that countries which require married trans people to divorce prior to legally updating their gender are not in violation of the European human rights statutes.

Florida Judge Rules Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Florida Judge Rules Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A county judge in Florida has ruled that the state's ban on same-sex marriage is in violation of the constitution.

Australians Poll Most Supportive of Marriage Equality, Despite Nationwide Ban

Which Nation Supports Equal Marriage, But Doesn't Allow It?

Seven in 10 Australians now support same-sex marriage, despite the fact that such unions are illegal in the country.

Kluwe: Vikings Won't Release Investigation Data on Team Homophobia
July 15 2014 2:28 PM ET

Kluwe: Vikings Won't Share Investigation of Team Homophobia

A year after Chris Kluwe was cut from the Minnesota Vikings and possibly blacklisted from the NFL, an internal investigation into the team will not be released, despite promises to do so.

Colo. Counties Can Keep Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
July 14 2014 8:22 PM ET

Judge: Keep Calm and Marry On, Colorado

Judges around the state are refusing to stop clerks in three counties from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite the state constitution's ban on same-sex marriage.

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