Poll Finds LGBT People Are an Ineffective Bogeyman for GOP
November 14 2012 7:50 PM ET

Poll: Gay People Are an Ineffective Bogeyman for GOP

Lucas Grindley

In a new poll, the Human Rights Campaign reinforces the growing conventional wisdom that using LGBT people as a bogeyman is no longer a winning proposition for the Republican Party.

Writer Sacked After Supporting Marriage Equality in Conservative Mag
November 14 2012 4:51 PM ET

Writer Sacked After Supporting Marriage Equality in Conservative Mag

Neal Broverman

Writer D.G.

Mike Huckabee Tells Jon Stewart You Will Not Go to Hell for Voting for Marriage Equality
November 14 2012 2:14 PM ET

Huckabee: Marriage Equality Voters Aren't Going to Hell

Lucas Grindley

Mike Huckabee told Jon Stewart he never meant to imply you're going to hell if you vote for marriage equality. So that's good?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Says Now Is The Time for Marriage Equality in Illinois
November 14 2012 5:01 AM ET

Emanuel: Marriage Equality in Illinois Should Be a Priority

Trudy Ring

Noting that "the time is right," Chicago mayor and former presidential aide Rahm Emanuel says it's time to get to work on marriage equality in Illinois.

Supreme Court Pushes Date of Prop 8 Announcement
November 13 2012 3:42 PM ET

Supreme Court Pushes Prop. 8 Announcement

Michelle Garcia

When will the Supreme Court tell us whether it will hear the Proposition 8 case?

Oregon May Be Next to Legalize Marriage Through Voters
November 13 2012 3:33 PM ET

Oregon: Next to Legalize Marriage Through Voters?

Michelle Garcia

After three successful attempts to legalize marriage by the ballot box and another success in preventing a Minnesota constitutional ban on same-sex couples marrying, Oregon may be the next state to

NOMs Post Election Freakout Includes an Attack on Starbucks
November 10 2012 2:25 PM ET

NOM's Post-Election Freak-Out: Attack Starbucks

Neal Broverman

After the antigay National Organization for Marriage was handed four stinging defeats Tuesday, with voters endorsing marriage equality in three states and shutting down a divisive ban in another, t

WATCH The Moment of Victory in Maine
November 09 2012 7:18 PM ET

WATCH: The Moment of Victory in Maine

Sunnivie Brydum

On November 6, Maine voters made history by becoming the first in the nation to legalize marriage equality at the ballot box. The moment Mainers United for Marriage campaign heard the news is captured in this emotional video.