NYT 's Big Gay Celebration

More than 300 same-sex wedding or commitment announcements have appeared in The New York Times in the past seven years -- now many of the featured couples are coming together to commemorate Stonewall.

BY Charles Kaiser

June 01 2009 11:00 PM ET

The night before their wedding, Van Capelle and Morningstar asked 50 of their guests to come to the Gay Men's Health Crisis to serve food and make safe-sex kits. "It was one of the best parts of the entire weekend," Van Capelle remembers. "Because there at the table were a priest and a nun. And suddenly our 7-year old niece starts jumping up and down saying, "I ran out of the blue ones!'"

"And the nun says, 'Don't worry, dear -- use the purple ones. They're lubricated, but they do the same thing!'"

"Those are the moments I'll remember," says Van Capelle.


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