Name: Max
Age: 48
Talk to me about your outfit tonight:
This is a manifestation of Binky, who is a sex clown shaman that I channel. Let me make it clear: Binky is not me. Binky’s totem animal is the tick, to suck out bad blood, so he’s an ass-(in-your-face)-hole to make you realize that what’s really real is deep within and from the inside out, as a way of altering your perspective on what you think is what you know.
What’s the best part about your job? Being satisfied with a job well done, depending on what is desired by the client. Being able to communicate well and understand each other, and also, from my perspective as a radical faerie, it’s bringing a subject-subject consciousness in order to drop judgment of both of us and just be there with each other in that moment of desire.
What other jobs do you do?
I’m an artist, primarily. I have a whole line of “Binky” art, a lot of erotic photography of myself, and also I work on eggshells, so I’m mixing eggshell work and encrusting frames for painted erotic photography.

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