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Name: Cory Koons
Age: 28
Do you hang out with other sex workers?
I don’t think a lot of sex workers hang out with other sex workers. I think most sex workers spend most of their time in their heads. Plus it’s easier when you’re used to detaching yourself from friends or society or family to do your job because you never know when you’ll get a call or what that’s going to interrupt. And you know, instead of making weekend plans, some times you want to make some money -- which means staying at home and sitting in front of your computer.

So in some ways it’s pretty isolating? It can be.

Would you say events like the Hustlaball are important in that regard, to have a night to talk to other sex workers and be out? I think in the age we live in, any time people get together outside of behind their computer screens, it’s a good thing, because we as gay men are forgetting to how to socially interact with people. It’s really easy to get laid on the Internet; it’s a lot harder to get laid at a bar. And we have a community built around sex. So when the venue for finding sex becomes the Interweb, we lose out on all that socializing. Home schooling will only take you so far!

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