Fox News Asks Whether Marriage Equality Was Overplayed on TV

Fox News wants to know whether it the mainstream media suffered from marriage equality overkill while two landmark cases were presented to the Supreme Court.



Jon Scott
Jon Scott

Media Matters is challenging Fox News' Jon Scott, who echoed a TV news critic's question about whether coverage of marriage equality before the Supreme Court was "disproportionate" to the size of the LGBT population.

Scott seemed sympathetic to the argument put forward immediately following two days of hearings before the high court by Mediaite's TV news critic, Joe Concha. Concha had pointed out studies that put the number of LGBT people at between 3% and 4%.

But to counter Scott's suggestion that the media ignored more weighty issues in favor of covering the landmark cases before the Supreme Court, Media Matters assembled a montage of what Scott actually covered on his show, Happening Now, during that week.

Watch the video below.