PHOTOS: Celebrities Share Messages of Hope, Inspiration on GLAAD's Red Carpet

Superstars, advocates, and out trailblazers celebrated the progress of LGBT depictions in media and offered words of encouragement in the continuing battle for equality at the 25th annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles.



Alex Newell (Glee)
On advice for newly out teens:
“If you have support from even one friend, hold on to them and let them know how much you appreciate them. But furthermore, just know that it’s OK to be who you are regardless, and if someone doesn’t like you for being you, that’s their fault.”

Jill Soloway (pictured left -- Creator of Amazon’s Transparent)
On evolving speech to be more respectful of the trans community:
“It’s privilege to struggle with a pronoun. You have to recognize your cis[gender, or nontrans] privilege and realize it takes about five minutes to work something as simple as a pronoun out in your head. For example, I use the pronoun ‘they’ for almost everybody now. I think anyone who complains about being unsure of how to talk to trans people because, ‘Oh, I don’t know what to say — he, she, or they,’ those people need to get over themselves. It’s not that hard.”

DJ Tracy Young
On being a part of the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles:
“It’s amazing to see the transition of what the LGBT community has done over the years socially and politically. To be a part of a night like tonight is an honor and a privilege for me. It’s amazing to see how much GLAAD has grown over the years, and I’m so thankful a group like this is around to help protect us.”

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