GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index Reveals Lack of LGBT Visibility

GLAAD's annual report tracked the seven largest motion picture studios during the 2013 calendar year to map the quantity, quality, and diversity of images of LGBT people in films. Find out how each stacked up here.



Above: Kyle Chandler in Broken City

20th Century Fox
2013 Rating: Adequate

GLAAD gave Fox, which in the past has produced groundbreaking films like Myra Breckinridge (1970), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), and Making Love (1982), the rating of “adequate” for its 2013 lineup. Out of the 14 films released last year, only one, Broken City, included LGBT characters and passed the Vito Russo Test, though the sexuality of Cameron Diaz’s character in another feature, The Counselor, has been the subject of debate.
Although some of its language and language usage in Broken City is problematic (“fag” is volleyed during a sporting match), the political drama, which stars Russell Crowe as the mayor of New York and Mark Wahlberg as a private eye he hires to investigate his wife for infidelity, eventually finds its footing. A minor but essential character, Paul, who the mayor suspects of being the other half in his wife’s affair, is eventually revealed to be the gay lover of the rival mayoral candidate. Although Paul is murdered and martyred, GLAAD notes that he is “the closest thing the film has to a moral center.” One of the scenes also features a Human Rights Campaign event celebrating the passage of marriage equality.
For the inclusion of these two gay characters in Broken City, GLAAD gave Fox the “adequate” rating, noting that “this definitely counts as progress, and we hope Fox keeps moving in the right direction.” However, the organization hopes that in the future, such characters won’t be featured with “blink and you’ll miss it’ subtlety.”

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