Hillary Dominates Your Picks for a 2016 Ticket

When The Advocate asked LGBT voters to fill out an online survey about the election, we couldn't help also throwing in a question about who you have in mind for 2016. The result isn't scientific. But one name stood out.



6) Cory Booker
The Newark, N.J., mayor is a rising star in the Democratic Party as well as a  representative of a younger generation of politicians. This 43-year-old, African-American, Harvard-educated mayor communicates frequently with his constituents on Twitter, and he vocally supports marriage equality. Elected in 2006, Booker has declined to officiate any weddings until all residents have equal marriage rights. Plus, Booker appeared in an ad last year for the Human Rights Campaign's Americans for Marriage Equality effort. “I support it because from my earliest of ages I made a pledge that we will be a nation with liberty and justice for all,” Booker said in the spot. But first, Booker's national cachet and his approval ratings in New Jersey also have him marked as a potential candidate next year for governor. The fact that his Twitter followers number nearly five times the population of Newark (277,540) can only be a plus whatever his next move. 

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