Kyrsten Sinema Becomes Nation's First Openly Bi Congresswoman
November 12 2012 1:38 PM ET October 09 2014 1:22 PM ET

VOTES COUNTED: Kyrsten Sinema Is First Openly Bi Congresswoman

Neal Broverman

The race to represent Arizona's ninth district was too close to call until Monday morning.

Chazs Stepmom GOP Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack Defeated
November 11 2012 5:38 PM ET

Chaz Bono's Stepmom Loses Reelection to Congress

Neal Broverman

California's Mary Bono Mack, who took over her late husband's seat in Congress, was defeated on Tuesday by Democrat Raul Ruiz.

Antigay GOP Senate Candidate Blasted by Own Family
November 05 2012 2:49 PM ET

Antigay GOP Senate Candidate Blasted by In-Laws

Neal Broverman

Discrimination against LGBT people will not fly among the family of Josh Mandel, a Republican running for Senate in Ohio.

Illinois Treasurer a GOP Gay Rights Supporter
October 29 2012 5:01 PM ET

Illinois Treasurer: A Rare GOP Gay Rights Supporter

Trudy Ring

Dan Rutherford, who may seek the governor's office, has backed several gay rights measures, although he draws the line at marriage equality.

As Governor Romney Fought Birth Certificates for Gay Families
October 25 2012 1:37 PM ET

As Governor, Romney Fought Birth Certificates for Gay Families

Neal Broverman

Correspondence unearthed by The Boston Globe show that as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney worked to prevent gay parents from being acknowledged on their children's birth certi

Gay Congressional Candidate Anticipates Some 'Knucklehead' GOP Colleagues
October 21 2012 11:55 AM ET

Gay Candidate Expects 'Knucklehead' GOP Colleagues

Michelle Garcia


Gay Politician Harassed at Community Festival
October 16 2012 2:35 PM ET

Gay Politician Harassed at Community Festival

Michelle Garcia

The vice mayor of Campbell, Calif., who is gay, said he was verbally harassed by a woman as he was headed toward the annual Oktoberfest.

Katy Butler Asks President and Romney to Wear Purple
October 14 2012 12:56 PM ET

Katy Butler Asks President and Romney to Wear Purple

Diane Anderson-Minshall

As Spirit Day approaches next week, activists urge the leader of the nation to don purple to support LGBT youth.

At Town Hall Meeting Michigan Politician Says Being Gay Is a Choice
October 08 2012 5:56 PM ET

Michigan Politician: Being Gay Is a Choice

Neal Broverman

Michigan state representative Tom McMillin says that being gay is a choice for those "who have come out the lifestyle."

WATCH Alabama Chief Justice Candidate Say Gay Marriage Will Destroy US
October 06 2012 5:56 PM ET

Ala. Chief Justice Candidate: Gay Marriage Will Destroy Nation

Neal Broverman

The former chief justice, trying to get his old job back, receives applause from Tea Party members after denigrating gays.

Ryan Doubles Down on Homophobia in Focus on the Family Interview
October 03 2012 4:04 PM ET

Paul Ryan Goes Antigay in Focus on the Family Interview

Neal Broverman

The Wisconsin congressman made that clear in a recent audio interview with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly.

Though He Voted Against DADT Repeal, Paul Ryan Doesn't Want it Reinstated
September 24 2012 5:24 PM ET

Paul Ryan Was Against DADT Repeal; Now He's For It

Neal Broverman

The Republican candidate for vice president actually cast a vote on "don't ask, don't tell" repeal while in Congress. But now he's sort of changed his mind.