Arizona Lawmaker Says Opponent Called Him Bisexual Wants Apology

Ben Quayle Says Opponent Called Him Bisexual, Wants an Apology

Arizona's Republican Representative Ben Quayle is mighty upset this week, telling reporters that a mailer from his (also Republican) opponent, Rep.

NYC Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer Marries Longtime Partner

NYC Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer Gets Hitched

Queens politician weds partner of 13 years on Saturday.

Former NY Gov Eliot Spitzer Is Never Going Back to Chick Fil A

Former NY Gov Eliot Spitzer Is Never Going Back to Chick-Fil-A

“I used to love Chick-Fil-A," Spitzer said. "Their sandwiches were great. Their lemonade was amazing. I’m never going back.”

Wisconsin Legislator Comes Out as Bisexual

Wisconsin Legislator Comes Out as Bisexual

Wisconsin Representative JoCasta Zamarripa told reporters this week that she's decided to come out as bisexual — doing so before her upcoming re-election bid.

WATCH Rent Star Anthony Rapp There's Darkness Ahead if Romney is Elected

WATCH: Rent Star Anthony Rapp Predicts Darkness Ahead if Romney Wins

Anthony Rapp, who became a star with the Pulitzer Prize-winning AIDS-themed musical Rent, shares his conversations with LGBT youth and speaks out against presidential hopeful Mitt Romney i

WATCH Nancy Pelosi Ballroom Dance ZZ Top at Gay Wedding

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Ballroom Dances to ZZ Top at Gay Wedding

The most powerful woman in Congress can still shake it out.

Dont Say Gay Bill Sponsor Too Antigay for HS Hall of Fame

'Don't Say Gay' Bill Sponsor Too Antigay for H.S. Hall of Fame

A group of residents in Vestal, N.Y., are campaigning for their local high school to remove a Tennessee state senator and former student from its hall of fame, because of his controversial remarks

Thomas Duane Retiring from New York State Senate

Out, HIV-Positive Thomas Duane Leaving Politics

Another Democrat is expected to take his place in the New York Senate.

Rev Fears for Life After Denouncing Gays on Facebook

Rev. Fears for Life After Denouncing Gays

A Mississippi Baptist minister-turned-lawmaker says he fears for his life after he reportedly cited Bible passages that denounced homosexuality on Facebook. Rep. Andy Gipson, reacting to President Barack Obama's recent endorsement of marriage equality, said, "The only opinion that counts is God's," he said before posting a passage from the Book of Leviticus on May 10. The passage read, "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads."

Antigay and Exgay Mayoral Candidate Drops From Race

Antigay (and Ex-Gay) Mayoral Candidate Drops From Race

Dara McDowell, a candidate for mayor of Covington, Kentucky and an ex-gay mother of eight, whose platform including fighting the "homosexual agenda," has dropped out of the race May 15, reports website Back2Stonewall.

Dee Coram is the Gay Son of the Colorado Legislator Who Killed the Colorado Civil Unions Bill

Gay Son of Colorado Legislator Disappointed With Father for Killing Civil Unions Bill

Dee Coram, the gay son of Republican Colorado legislator Don Coram, says he's "let down" that his father killed a state civil unions bill. The younger Coram pleaded with his father to not use his power to doom the legislation — his father refused and the bill died by one vote in a committee. "Yesterday was the first and only time I ever called him and said, "Can you do this?" the 44-year-old Dee Coram, the policitian's only offspring, told The Denver Post. "He said, 'I love you, but absolutely not.'"