WATCH: Pat Robertson Says Find Out if Gay Son's Been Molested

Which would have made him gay, according to Robertson's worldview.



Your son just told you he’s gay? Find out if he’s been molested by a sports coach, says televangelist Pat Robertson.

On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, cohost Terry Meeuwsen read Robertson a letter from a viewer: “My 16-year-old son says he’s gay. What do I do?” Robertson responded that the parent should seek some additional information, saying, “Is there a biological thing going on, or has he been influenced? Has a coach molested him?”

Robertson’s comment, of course, is based on the myth that molestation makes victims gay. He also touched on the idea that being gay is merely a youthful phase, saying of LGBT teens, “They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re teenagers.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.