Religious Support for Marriage Equality Marches Forward

The legal argument against marriage equality is being upended by the numerous Christian and Jewish bodies that support LGBT rights.



Above: ELCA presiding bishop Elizabeth Eaton, herself a straight woman (and the church's first female presiding bishop), says allowing partnered gay clergy “was the right decision” for the church. (Photo by Denise Wiler)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is the largest U.S. denomination, with 4 million members, to recognize LGBT equality and all that includes: access to church weddings, ordination of clergy who are in same-sex relationships, numerous resolutions affirming the church’s support of LGBT people, and participation in programs for LGBT youth. The ELCA was formed in 1988 from the merger of three bodies — the American Lutheran Church, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, and the Lutheran Church in America. Not to be confused with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (a nationwide denomination, not limited to Missouri), which deems homosexual behavior “intrinsically sinful.”