San Francisco Church Bans Drag Queens From Benefit Event
August 14 2012 3:30 PM ET

S.F. Church Bans Drag Queens

Michelle Garcia

The new pastor of a church in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood is enforcing a policy barring drag queens from performing in the church.

Pat Robertson Has a Strange Deal for Gay People
August 10 2012 5:53 PM ET

Pat Robertson Has a Strange Deal for Gay People

Lucas Grindley

Preacher Pat Robertson offered to "change everything I'm saying" about homosexuality and morality — but he included a strange catch.

Bryan Fischer Advocates "Underground Railroad" To Abduct Children Of Same-Sex Couples
August 09 2012 3:46 PM ET

Pundit Equates Slave Masters to Gay Parents

Daniel Reynolds

Conservative pundit Bryan Fischer set off an internet firestorm after advocating for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.”

Pope Benedict XVI Names Prop 8 Mastermind as New Archbishop of San Francisco
July 28 2012 7:28 PM ET

S.F.'s New Archbishop Really Hates Gay Marriage

Neal Broverman

Pope Benedict XVI lays down the gauntlet with his pick for San Francisco's archbishop.

Catholic Diocese Email Oops Shows Real Reason It Refuses to Sell House to Gay Couple
July 26 2012 2:40 PM ET

Diocese's Oops on Email Shows Real Reason It Refuses to Sell to Gay Couple

Lucas Grindley

Email can be tricky, as one Catholic Diocese in Massachusetts is learning.

Right Wing Uses Colorado Tragedy to Vilify Gays and Secularism
July 20 2012 3:51 PM ET

Right Wing Uses Colo. Tragedy to Vilify Gays, Secularism

Trudy Ring

Bryan Fischer wonders if gays will object to Chick-fil-A feeding first responders to the shooting, and he and others blame the crime on America's alleged godlessness.

Antigay Preacher Scott Lively Brings His Unique Message of Hate to Missouri
July 16 2012 8:32 PM ET

Scott Lively Using Lies to Kill Missouri Antidiscrimination Ordinance

Neal Broverman

"Preacher" Scott Lively hates gay people so much he traveled from his home in Springfield, Mass., to Springfield, Mo., to urge the city council there to reject a proposed nondiscrimination ordinanc

On Conversion Therapy Exodus President Says Sexuality is Complicated
July 10 2012 4:06 PM ET

Conversion Therapy: Exodus Prez Says It's Complicated

Michelle Garcia

The leaders of Exodus International are dropping their previously held principle that most people homosexual attractions can be converted through prayer, and the president of Exodus disclosed Monda

Priest Who Denied Communion to Lesbian Is Out at Washington Archdiocese
July 09 2012 7:55 PM ET

Priest Who Denied Communion to Lesbian Is Out at Archdiocese

Trudy Ring

An archdiocesan official says it was simply the end of a temporary assignment, but the woman who was snubbed is relieved.

Episcopalians Provisionally Approve Marriage Rites and Transgender Rights
July 09 2012 5:03 PM ET

Episcopalians Provisionally OK Marriage Rites, Transgender Rights

Trudy Ring

Approved by various Episcopal bodies at the church's General Convention, both measures require further action.