Meet Mia, the Trans Woman Who'll Make You Want to Watch Houston Beauty

Out on the streets at 13 because she was trans, Mia is now fighting to become a hair stylist and to show America that "I am human and no different from anyone else who has been brought into this world." 


  UPDATED: November 04 2013 1:31 AM ET

[Left: Mia and the Houston Beauty cast]

Did you have any concerns about being on TV and being so open about your life?
Yes. The possibility that people could take my story and message the wrong way really frightened me.

Ms. J is known as a mother figure to some of the girls. Is that true for you?
s. J was a driving force to helping me understand my strengths as a leader, but I never felt that she was a mother figure in my life.

Do you have other trans women you look up to?
I look up to Laverne Cox who appeared on I want to work for Diddy and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. She has really made it possible for trans women to tell their story through television. I also look up to Isis King who appeared on America’s Next Top Model and Major Griffin Garcy. I look up to trans women who continue to stamp the world with their message and story.

One last question, because once you're on TV everyone wants to know: are you single or partnered?
I am currently single. I recently ended a relationship of one year with my ex-boyfriend.

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