12 Cisgender Allies to Trans Causes

While finding straight allies to LGB causes has become as easy as watching the Oscars, the roster of big-name cisgender allies to trans causes is in its infancy.



Melissa Harris-Perry, television personality

Melissa Harris-Perry frequently uses her MSNBC show as a platform to highlight trans individuals and issues. Her 2012 segment, “Being Transgender in America” featured three transgender individuals (Mel Wymore, Mara Keisling, and Kate Bornstein) and earned the show a 2013 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Journalism. Additionally, Harris-Perry’s show has devoted significant blocks of time to covering trans issues and is one of the only TV platforms that frequently invites transgender guests such as CeCe McDonald, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, and Kate Burgess onto the program.


Larry Cohen, President, Communications Workers of America

Last year, Cohen introduced an amendment to the AFL-CIO’s constitution that banned discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression. The amendment passed, giving trans workers the backing of the nation’s largest labor federation.


Gail Simone, comic author

Comic book author Gail Simone made history last year when she introduced Alysia Yeoh, a transgender character, in Batgirl. Yeoh marks one of the first times a trans character has been featured in mainstream comics.

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