12 Cisgender Allies to Trans Causes

While finding straight allies to LGB causes has become as easy as watching the Oscars, the roster of big-name cisgender allies to trans causes is in its infancy.



Molly and John Knefel, podcasters

These two Brooklyn siblings host the Radio Dispatch podcast, providing a thoughtful viewpoint on the topics of politics, race, gender, and inequality. The two have provided in-depth coverage of trans issues, including a number of episodes detailing the “Dr. V” debacle. Additionally, these two have a long history of inviting transgender guests on the show.


Alicia Menendez, journalist

Recently, Menendez played host to Janet Mock on her Fusion show, AM Tonight. Menendez and Mock flipped the traditional script of a cisgender journalist asking a trans person invasive personal questions, and instead featured Mock asking Menendez questions like, “Do you have a vagina?” and “Do you feel your sense of self,  your ‘cissness,’ holds you back in any way?” In all, the segment served as a powerful example of how absurd the media can often be when it comes to trans identities.

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