PHOTOS: Mt. Holyoke Students Come Out for Trans-Inclusion

These Mt. Holyoke students demanded that their college support all women.



While Mount Holyoke College's recent groundbreaking decision to accept all transgender students — including trans women — was undoubtedly reached for multiple reasons, the insistence of the allies pictured below may have played a part.

Last spring, Mt. Holyoke's Open Gates — a student organization dedicated to the full inclusion of trans women at the single-gender institution — took photos of students, alumni, and other community members who agreed with their mission, reports BuzzFeed. Each held up a written statement in support of trans-inclusion.

Memorable phrases include: "Support Your Sisters, Not Just Your Cis-Ters!" (which references the word "cisgender," a synonym of "nontransgender"), "Exclusion is Violence," and "Trans Women Belong at Mt. Holyoke."

Read all of their sentiments in the pictures below.