Colorado Gay Bar Told It Violated Civil Rights Law By Turning Away Man in Drag
August 07 2014 3:55 PM ET

Gay Bar Violated State Law By Turning Away Man in Drag

Parker Marie Molloy

Nearly a year after being refused entrance to a popular Denver gay bar, a state regulatory agency has ruled in favor of 27-year-old Vito Marzano.

WATCH: Laverne Cox Joins Forces With Activist Convicted on 'Walking While Trans'
August 07 2014 10:30 AM ET

Laverne Cox Teams Up Against 'Walking While Trans' Law

Parker Marie Molloy

Monica Jones was found guilty on prostitution charges after accepting a ride from an undercover police officer.

WATCH: Mom and Young Trans Daughter Debunk Gender Roles Together
August 06 2014 12:55 PM ET

WATCH: Mom and Trans Daughter Show 'How To Be A Girl'

Mitch Kellaway

Marlo and her 6-year-old transgender daughter combine cartoons and conversation to take a serious look about what it means to become a woman.

WATCH: Wachowskis Raise Funds for Chicago's TransLife Center
August 05 2014 11:12 AM ET August 05 2014 12:28 PM ET

WATCH: Matrix Directors Raise Cash for Chicago's TransLife Center

Parker Marie Molloy

The Matrix creators hosted a fundraiser for Chicago House's TransLife Center, an organization devoted to providing comprehensive programming and support to transgender individuals.

WATCH: Laverne Cox Schools Gayle King on Respect for Gender Identity
August 05 2014 5:30 AM ET

WATCH: Laverne Cox Schools Gayle King on Gender Identity

Rebecca Juro

'We're born who we are and the gender thing is something someone imposes on you,' Cox said in response to King's comment that she was 'born a boy.'

Op-ed: An Open Letter to The New Yorker
August 05 2014 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: An Open Letter to The New Yorker

Julia Serano

When The New Yorker took a look at the tension between transgender women and radical feminists, one writer says the examination was unfair.

PHOTOS: Racy, Experimental Art from the Transgender Vanguard
August 02 2014 3:01 AM ET

PHOTOS: Racy, Experimental Art From Trans Vanguard

Mitch Kellaway

11 transgender artists get sexy, weird, and wild for the August 'TRIGGER WARNING!!' show in Santa Monica, Calif.

Activists Call for Release of Trans Immigration Detainee Raped in Custody
August 01 2014 4:13 PM ET

Activists Call for Release of Raped Trans Detainee

Parker Marie Molloy

A trans immigration detainee says she was raped by her male cellmate weeks after reporting that she had been verbally harassed by the man, and threatened with sexual assault.

Canadian Trans Girl: Amended Birth Certificate Is Just the Beginning
August 01 2014 3:48 PM ET

Trans Girl's Amended Birth Certificate Is Only the Beginning 

Mitch Kellaway

Among the first British Columbians to have her gender corrected on her birth certificate, Harriette Cunningham argues that there's more change yet needed.

Robinson Won't Rest Until Trans People Can Serve Openly
August 01 2014 8:30 AM ET

How Long Until Trans People Can Serve Openly?

Rebecca Juro

Trans military advocate Allyson Robinson may have a new job as a Baptist church minister, but she's not done with helping all military personnel serve openly.

WATCH: A Trans Girl's Inspiring 'Letter to the World'
July 31 2014 6:37 PM ET

WATCH: A Trans Girl's Inspiring 'Letter to the World'

Mitch Kellaway

Teen activist Jazz has a message for other youth about the pride, confidence, and strength that accompanies being transgender.

WATCH: Man Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing 15-Year-Old Trans Girl
July 31 2014 6:15 PM ET

WATCH: Man Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Trans Teen

Parker Marie Molloy

After a 15-year-old transgender girl was stabbed in the back on D.C. public transit, police have a suspect in custody, and plan to file hate crime charges.