FDA Reveals New Guidelines on Blood Ban
May 13 2015 1:10 PM ET

HRC Blasts FDA's Revised Blood Ban

Civil rights groups say the FDA's new guidelines are 'unacceptable' for retaining restrictions on blood donations by sexually active gay and bisexual men. And for transgender donors, there's also a change in the works.

California Trans Teen's Inspirational Journey from Near Dropout to Prom Queen

Calif. Trans Teen Goes From (Near) Dropout to Prom Queen

Like many trans youth rejected in school, at one time prom queen Angie Esteban found herself skipping class and getting into fights.

Turned Away for Being Transgender, Seattle Woman Sues Blood Bank

Turned Away for Being Trans, Seattle Woman Sues Blood Bank

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration still categorizes transgender women as 'men who have sex with men,' meaning they're considered 'higher risk' in formal recommendations to blood banks.

Federal Gov: Health Insurers Can't Deny Transgender Patients Preventive Care

Feds: No, Insurers Can't Deny Care to Trans Patients

Preventive screenings and treatments should be based on body parts, not gender identity, say trans advocates — and the federal government agrees.

WATCH: Ugandan Trans Man Emotionally Accepts GLAAD Award

WATCH: Ugandan Trans Man Emotionally Accepts GLAAD Award

Pepe Julian Onziema's in-depth interview on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver won a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Talk Show Episode on Saturday.

Georgia Trans Inmate Ashley Diamond Relocated After Receiving Threats

Georgia Trans Inmate Relocated After Receiving Threats

Despite federal help in her health discrimination claim, Diamond has continued to face sexual abuse while imprisoned, including at least seven alleged rapes.

11 Trans Women Share What They Love About Motherhood
May 10 2015 1:39 PM ET

11 Trans Women Share What They Love About Motherhood

When a parent transitions, the whole family goes on a journey. But how these parents feel about their kids never changes.

Trans Indian's Predicament at Border Shows the U.S. Lags Behind

Trans Indian's Border Predicament Shows U.S. Lags Behind

The U.S. consulate remains unclear on how to process visas like that of Aruta Alpesh Soni, who identifies among India's legally recognized "third genders."

Virginia School Board Protects Trans Students, Despite Objections from Hecklers

Va. School Board Protects Trans Students Over Hecklers' Objections

One of the nation's largest school districts, Fairfax County, has chosen 'equality' in the face of fierce and vocal opposition.

Denied Female Identity at Barnes & Noble, California Trans Employee Files Suit
May 08 2015 3:58 PM ET

Denied Female Identity at Barnes & Noble, Calif. Trans Woman Files Suit

Victoria Ramirez claims her managers at Barnes & Noble refused to recognize her as female, barring her from using women's facilities, female pronouns, or even discussing her transition with coworkers.

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