D.C. Police Appoint First Trans Woman to Lead LGBT Liaison Unit

This Trans Woman Now Leads D.C.'s Police LGBT Liason Unit

Trans advocates are cheering the appointment of Sgt. Jessica Hawkins, but say that she will still face an uphill battle to build trust with D.C.'s trans communities and law enforcement.

U.S. Marine Charged with Murder of Filipina Trans Woman May Receive Plea Bargain

U.S. Marine Charged with Trans Filipina's Murder Could Get Plea Bargain 

Jennifer Laude's family has declared they will not consider any deal in which Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton avoids jail time.

Trans Teen Jazz Jennings & Family To Have a TLC Series This Summer

The show will follow Jazz as she deals with "dating, sleepovers, as well as avoiding male puberty, all while she prepares to enter high school in the fall."

Minnesota Republicans Seek to End Trans-Inclusive Sports Teams

Republicans Want to End Trans-Inclusive Sports in Minnesota

New bills introduced in Minnesota would reverse a trans-affirming policy enacted last year by an overwhelming majority of board members for the state's high school athletic league.

Op-ed: 'All Lives Matter' But We Must Prioritize Trans Women of Color

 'All Lives Matter' But We Must Prioritize Trans Women of Color

White activists need to help stop the 'genocide of trans women of color.' First step: listen.

#TBT: When Cross-Dressing Was a Crime

#TBT: When Cross-Dressing Was a Crime

Over 40 American cities passed antidrag laws in the late 1800s. How did that shape the definition of gender normality?  Arresting Dress: Cross-Dressing, Law, and Fascination in 19th Century San Francisco explains.

Texas Doubles Down on Transphobic Legislation, Adding $2,000 Fine for 'Wrong' Bathroom Use

Texas Doubles Down on Transphobic Legislation

A bill introduced in the Texas House today would award cisgender students who shared a bathroom with a trans student $2,000, in addition to legal fees, for any 'mental anguish' the cisgender student suffered.

WATCH: America's Only Gay and Trans Gang Fights for Respect in D.C.

WATCH: America's Only Gay, Trans Gang Fights for Respect

The Check It is the only known gay and trans gang in the U.S., or maybe even in the world, according to a new documentary that profiles the members.

Michigan's Planet Fitness 'Controversy' Echoes National Debate on Trans Access

Planet Fitness Revokes Membership of Transphobic Woman

Yvette Cormier returned four days in a row to warn women away from the locker room, because she had seen a trans woman use it once. On the fifth day, Cormier wasn't allowed to come back.

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